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Co-investment syndication

Jasmin Capital assists management companies in their search for co-investors to acquire non-listed assets.

These direct investments are usually carried out through dedicated co-investment vehicles that operate with management fees and carried interest.

These syndications are aimed at companies with an Enterprise Value ranging from a few millions to several billion euros. These companies are mainly located in Europe or North America.

The management companies which offer this type of co-investment are either new teams that have not yet led the first closing of their fund or established teams for which the projected investment exceeds the control ratio of their fund.

Jasmin Capital selects these co-investment opportunities on the basis of a rigorous process including several presentations with the management team, strategic, commercial, financial and legal analyses of the company, a study on the valuation and on the investment structuring, as well as a legal documentation review of the proposed investment vehicle.

The co-investors are generally family offices, specialized funds and institutional investors.